Finding good support and help is critical to the healing journey. For over two decades, I have worked with children, adolescents, and adults – both individually and as a family. These experiences have shown me the impact of stress in day-to-day life and how talking about them with someone you trust, in a safe space, opens doors of healing.

As a person-centered, strengths-based, and solution-focused therapist, it is my goal to help you define your areas of concern and work toward improving and resolving whatever issues prevent you from living the life you want.

About Katherine

Safe Space for Healing

You are welcome here! I am committed to providing a safe space where you can relax and be yourself. You can openly work through issues you are facing. Here, you will learn ways to manage life challenges.

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Accepting New Therapy Clients

As a therapist, having a diverse set of skills and knowledge in different types of therapy helps me serve the adolescents and adults of Saginaw and surrounding areas.

My experience in mindfulness-based therapies helps clients become more aware of and manage their thoughts, feelings, and sensations. By having a range of techniques, I can tailor their approach to best meet the unique needs of each person.

How Therapy Helps You

* Emotional support: assistance dealing with difficult situations, such as mental health issues, relationship problems, or life transitions.
* Problem-solving skills: get help identify and address specific problems and develop effective coping strategies.
* Access to community resources by connecting individuals with the services and support they need.

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